Halloween 2020 with Friends

Halloween is hands down one of the best holidays of the year. When else can you dress up with your best friends, enjoy a few good scares, and eat way too much candy? But one pesky hurdle haunts us every single year: Finding the perfect Halloween costume.

After taking a year off in 2020, this year’s celebration is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever—and it’s time to go all out with your besties. Are you a close-knit coven? A group of wannabe mean girls? A pack of die-hard 80s movies fans? No matter your tribe, there’s a perfect costume waiting out there—and we already found the best ones for you and your besties. https://lustzone.ch/

While you could totally pull together a DIY look, this list is full of ready-made best friend costumes that need only minor effort to look incredible. (You can thank us later.) After all, you’re probably going to put that effort into decorating, picking out a scary movie, and finding the perfect Instagram caption anyway.

Some of our top-rated picks are probably already on your list—think the characters of Stranger Things, classic Disney princesses, and Hogwarts students—but plenty of them are a little more unexpected, like the East Compton Clovers, Studio 54 dancers, and (seriously) a PB&J. Hey, it’s Halloween, the perfect time to get a little weird.

Keep reading to discover the most creative best friend Halloween costume ideas for 2021, then scoop them up before they sell out. Happy haunting!

best friend halloween costumes

Is there a ‘90s movie with a more iconic ensemble than Clueless? As if! Grab your girlfriend, put on your best statement hat and stockings, and hit the town with a valley girl accent.



3Rockford Peaches
best friend halloween costumes

These A League of Their Own costumes—based on the trailblazers who made women everywhere hit the sandlot—are a guaranteed home run. They even come with their own bats!


4East Compton Clovers
best group halloween costumes

Bring It On might seem like it’s focused on a rivalry, but it’s really about the importance of friendship—a perfect message for Halloween with the besties. All you need to do now is learn a routine or two!


5Thing 1 and Thing 2
thing 1 and thing 2

You’re attached at the hip, so why should it be any different on October 31? These super-easy jumpsuits are eye-catching and warm, thanks to a cozy lining. (Yep, you can wear them as pajamas long after the holiday has passed!)


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